Il Volo is a Romanian luxury lingerie brand born out of love for natural silk & precious lace, inspired by our deep admiration of the feminine universe.

We create luxury lingerie and nightwear designed to honor women’s beauty, elegance and sensuality. Women who we meet every day, women who shape our lives with their unique personalities, women who mesmerize through their simple presence.

Inspired by their innate strength and finesse, we seek to empower women to embrace their feminine energy through refined lingerie creations. Even the simplest moments in our everyday lives, such as the quiet morning coffee ritual or enjoying a glass of wine late in the evening, can turn into an oasis of serenity, joy and freedom in a stunning silk and lace-adorned lingerie piece…

Silk, the natural luxury

Why not use Silk as a subtle reminder to always cherish your true Self?

In our atelier in Bucharest, the finest fabrics are brought to life by the hands of our skilled artisans. Natural silk, exclusively sourced from Italy and France, and precious lace from renowned French house Solstiss, are our special canvas for creating feminine, yet comfortable nightdresses, camisoles, sleep separates as well as soft and fluid robes.

Known mostly for its luxurious look and feel, natural silk offers a plethora of lifestyle and health benefits, rightfully earning its title of ‘queen of all textiles’.

A breathable fabric and a natural temperature regulator, silk helps the body maintain a comfortable temperature by retaining heat in cold weather or controlling moisture on a hot day… or night. This is why silk is an excellent sleep companion, enhancing relaxation through its lightweight and soft texture.

Silk is also hypoallergenic, being a wonderful choice for all skin types, including the most sensitive ones. Its long and smooth fibers do not irritate the skin, while it acts as a safety shield against dust mites and other microscopic foreign bodies that may trigger allergies. Thanks to these healing properties, silk is an excellent alternative to usual cotton active and nightwear.

Gently cared for, silk will retain its beauty for years, therefore it is so often used in legacy and heirloom pieces that are passed down from generation to generation. Achieving the perfect balance between femininity and comfort, silk is the ultimate natural luxury that can be worn day after day, for years or even decades.

Our commitment. Inclusivity and Sustainability

At the heart of our brand, stands the firm belief that every woman should feel naturally beautiful and confident from the inside out. Comfortable, refined, high-quality garments should be obtainable by everybody, and this is why all our designs can be tailored to any size. We offer inclusive sizing with our Made-to-Shape feature and we will be happy to personally guide you into choosing the perfect silhouette for yourself or selecting the perfect Gift for someone special.

Finding the right piece for your unique body should go hand in hand with exceptional quality, that lasts impeccably throughout the years. We are advocates for a slow fashion movement, producing our collections in small series in order to minimise waste and pollution, choosing the ‘eternal feminine’ over rapidly changing trends and putting great emphasis on fabric quality and exquisite craftsmanship.